About Us

Welcome to Grow Again Orchids

Tucked away in Myakka City, FL, Grow Again Orchids, a family-owned licensed nursery, blooms with passion and expertise. Serving Bradenton, Palmetto, and Lakewood Ranch, we've nurtured our growth from a backyard dream into a thriving green sanctuary.

Our Journey: From Seedling to Full Bloom

In 2018, founders Mason James & Rio Lam's shared love for all things plants, became official with the founding of Grow Again. Our journey began with Mason building a pergola in the backyard and Rio creating a small pond for goldfish and water lilies.

Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, we started selling at the "Red Barn Flea Market," that fall. By 2019, our roots had spread to the Bradenton Downtown Farmer’s Market, and as life intertwined, we got married, moved in together, and bought a puppy. In 2020, like the rest of the world they went through COVID. Mason quickly built an e-commerce website for the local market which kept local vendors open and able to sell to their customers even when in-person markets were closed.

From there, our digital presence sprouted with our own website in 2021 and expanded to the Lakewood Ranch Farmers' Market!

Our New Chapter: Planting Dreams in Myakka City

2022 marked the turning of a new leaf – our dream property in Myakka City. Ten acres of natural splendor, from majestic oaks to serene wetlands, now form the canvas of our growing legacy.

With our first on-site structure in 2023, we're building infrastructure for a flourishing future – envisioning a 2024 opening to share our verdant paradise with you.

The Growers Behind the Green

Rio Lam, with roots in Vietnam's rich gardening heritage, is our orchid maestro. A U.S. citizen since 2021, his botanical artistry and innovative hybrids are the soul of our nursery.

Mason James, a Manatee County native, merges tech-savvy ingenuity with a deep-rooted passion for permaculture. His grandmother's African Violets sowed the seed of his plant journey, now flourishing into sustainable farm operations and our informative newsletters.

Cultivating Knowledge and Community

Looking ahead, we envision Grow Again Orchids as more than a nursery – it will be a hub for learning and sustainable beauty. From 'Orchid Care 101' to showcasing symbiotic plant relationships, our tours and classes will empower your green thumb.

Join us in embracing sustainable splendor. Whether it's orchids swaying in the oak canopy or the reflective calm of our pond, we're crafting an ecosystem where nature's tapestry inspires your own garden dreams.

Growing Together

As proud members of the American Orchid Society and the Manatee Rare Fruit Tree Council, our commitment to plant perfection never wanes.

Find us every weekend at local markets, ready to guide you to the perfect plant for your space. And when your garden whispers for help, our Messenger support is a photo away – we're dedicated to nurturing your plant-parenting journey.

Connect with Nature's Pulse

Ready to immerse in the Grow Again experience? Contact us to learn more, stop by and say hello at the local markets, or simply to share in the botanical conversation. Let's grow together – one orchid, one community, one sustainable step at a time.